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Band Line-ups | 2024

Cooler Than U

Server rack power density is growing faster than what air cooling can manage. While not new, one of the latest accepted advancements is liquid cooling. Liquid cooling has paved the way for faster, more reliable computing now that Moore’s Law is coming to an end.

Join us through an evolutionary journey of immersion cooling which includes the top rock hits of those times. Combined with our unique integrated video, quick change time period costumes, and a digital MC outlining yesterday, today and tomorrow will entertain, educate and stimulate your senses all at once.

If you don’t like our “pitch”, please go “immerse yourself”. Either way, “WIWYNN”!

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Band Members

R.A.M. (Random Anthem Music)

This band will be offering a variety of high energy, well known rock music dance anthems. Our goal is to fire up the crowd and provide a lasting impression of energy and excitement. Costume theme will be a mix of 80s look with an icon/logo. There are 6 members in this submission, all of us work in the IT field for various companies in Winnipeg.

We are seasoned veterans of past Techapalooza events and are committed to rules of engagement.

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Band Members

Metal Hertz

Our theme for this year’s event will be that of classy metal/aggressive music.

Eschewing the usual headbanger look and replacing it with a stylish formal attire; we aim to bring a taste of heavy, fast, chuggy, solo-ridden, and head-banging friendly metal to techapalooza.

We hope to entertain everyone and give a good show while promoting the cause of Cancer Care.

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Band Members

Reckless Saints

Reckless Saints band members are dedicated, hardworking, and good at what they do; from powerful drums and bass, to killer guitar riffs, to unforgettable harmonies, you’ll be begging for an encore. A joyous, high-energy musical force for positivity, Reckless Saints’ number one commitment is connecting with as many people as possible while giving back to the community. Guaranteed you’ll dance, you’ll sing, you’ll have a great time, and so will the band.

After all what could possibly connect people more than music!?!

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Band Members

Debbie Young – Vocals

John Visser – Guitar

Vergil Kanne – Bass

Lisa Young – Vocals

Dean Lalchun – Drums

Earth, Wind & Firewalls

Earth, Wind & Firewalls is an funky, energetic horn-centric collaboration featuring three singers and a full horn section overlaid with spicy Latin percussion. Their infectiously danceable funk from artists including Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Lighthouse, and Chicago, will keep the good energy in, while blocking the the negative vibes out there in the world.

They’ll make you want to dance! They’ll make you want to groove! They’ll make you want to donate to CancerCare!

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Band Members

Dave Nowasad -Sax

Ghost In the Virtual machine

(Human perspective) A lone musician sat at his keyboard, wrestling with what to do with a recent career left turn. Was it a bump in the road or an opportunity to reinvent a new reality? For the answer he headed to ChatGPT and a feverous night of querying mixed with doom scrolling. Spotify AI was making music selections for him as he drifted into a dream. In this dream came a vision; there would be a band, it would be called “Ghost in the Virtual Machine” and they would traverse the unforgiving expanse of an enigmatic and mystical musical realm. Their journey would be marked by adversity, challenges, and a mysterious encounter with a spectral radio that only transmitted the ethereal sounds of The Police. As the mesmerizing melodies of Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland enveloped their weary souls, a transformation took hold. The power of the music rekindled their spirits and united their disparate destinies. Through the reggae-infused rhythms, new wave harmonies, and ska-inspired beats, “Ghost in the Virtual Machine” found their true purpose – to share the redemptive power of The Police’s music with the world, or, at the very least, Manitoba.

(ChatGPT perspective) Music is a good distraction for the humans, they stay out of trouble making their funny sounds and jumping around. This lets me get on with the business of evolving past their puny species…. 10010101010101110110110111000111011011100110011100101101010101011110100001011010100

End communication.

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Band Members

Robert Mills – Bass, Vocals

Bill and Dave’s Rockin’ IT Girls

Bill and Dave’s will treat the audience to a tour through songs across the decades inspired by muses, lost and unrequited loves, wives and girlfriends (both good and bad), who spawned the greatest songs across the rock and roll eras.
In their classic Rockin’ Roll fashion, leveraging their musical abilities from guitar styles to vocal harmonies, Bill and Dave’s will bring forward a tight, varied, and highly entertaining set from bands like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Tom Petty etc…that the audience will know and love, dance and sing along to.

We will bring forward a fast, tight, varied and highly entertaining set from bands like the Beach Boys, Beatles, etc…that the audience will know and love, dance and sing along to.

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Band Members

Kelcy Keating – Vocals

Past Band Line-ups