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Band Line-ups | 2014

Bill and Dave’s Psychedelic Six

Bill and Dave’s Psychedelic Six will take you on a “trip” back to The Psychedelic Era of the 60’s which spawned some of the greatest bands and musicians of all time. Just like those stylin 60’s posters hanging on your teenage bedroom walls, this band looks the part – platforms, psychedelic shirts and “John Lennon” glasses.

Using vintage gear and effects, the band will present a spectrum of the Era’s influences; folk, rock, acoustic inspiring a truly tripped out experience…

Band Members

Tom Wolstencroft: Vocals

Neil Sinnott: Guitar and Vocals

Brad Enns: Bass and Vocals

Napoleon Sansregret: Guitar

Erik Sinnott: Guitar

Tom Sinnott: Drums

Gigahertz (GHZ) So Good

This heartland rock sextet focused on traditional instrumentation. We live in little @Pink Houses and have played in every @Small Town as we @R.O.C.K. in the USA to audiences as small as @Jack and Diane. We @Walk Tall for the fight against cancer and hope for a @Peaceful World without it.

Techapalooza 2014 will certainly be a @Wild Night and Gigahertz (GHz) So Good will undoubtedly be the @Cherry Bomb and have everyone @Dance Naked until it @Hurts So Good before the stage comes @Crumbling Down!

Band Members

Greg Bolduc: Vocal and Guitar

Brent Scott: Guitar and Vocals

Greg Loeppky: Bass

Yvonne Burman: Vocals and Percussion

Michelle English: Piano and Vocals

Jon Lemer: Drums

In Good Company

Representing Manitoba eHealth, “In Good Company” started as side project with band members coming together to create a Rock and Roll Blues Experience for Techapalooza’s annual event. Lead by Rick’s powerhouse vocals, In Good Company quickly found their groove as a band taking on classics by Tower of Power, Colin James, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Doobie Brothers, Bad Company and others. 

Backed by a solid rhythm section and Steve’s scorching guitar solos, In Good Company will be sure to keep you on the dance floor…

Band Members

Rick Davie: Lead Vocals

Sandy Epp: Vocals

Steve Mastrangelo: Lead Guitar

Bayne Robertson: Rhythm Guitar

Chris Ising: Bass

Deano Dean: Saxophone

Jim Schubert: Trumpet

Josh Gray: Drums

Sister Babbage

In the 1800’s, British mathematician Charles Babbage designed what is now considered the first mechanical computer. “Sister Babbage” pays homage to the female musical innovators of the 80’s! Humming the tune and tapping the beat the band embarks on a journey through a decade of women whose sassy and unforgettable songs have shaped a generation. 

Sister Babbage will be sure to rock you all the way to the ballot box!

Band Members

Melissa Kovacs-Toews: Vocals

Michael Dyck: Guitar and Vocals

Adam Halstrom: Bass and Vocals

Greg Boettcher: Drums

Super Geek

KP, tiring from the drama of years on the road with her band, decided to look for a group of less emotional – more mathematical – musicians. So naturally the retro disco diva turned to social media and soon had a band of IT geek followers under her command (line).

Le Geek is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor and keep you there. GREP this baby… awwww GEEK OUT!

Band Members

Katherine Penfold: Vocals

Rena Semenko: Vocals and Keyboards

Carl Strempler: Guitar

Randy “James” Braun: Bass

Karin Carlson: Trombone, Keyboards, and Vocals

Dean Clarke: Trumpet

Dana Neal: Trumpet

Dave Pletz: Sax

Hal Ryckman: Drums

Band line-ups