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Band Lineups | 2022

Band Line-ups | 2022

The Karins

“The Karins”, a spoof on all the memes and videos of ‘Karens’ over the pandemic. It’s going to be a tribute to Karin Carlson doing the greatest hits of her horn charts to celebrate her contributions to Techapalooza over the last decade.

In the summer of 2021, she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer and is not only a survivor but a living example of what CancerCare’s research and care can do.

Let’s all live, laugh and love along with her and she joins us again on stage to perform after her incredible journey.

Band Members

Karin Carlson: Trombone & Vocals

Dana Neal: Trumpet

Don McLean: Guitar & Vocals

Colin Kelley: Bass

Boris Gulyarin: Tenor & Vocals

Jeff Alston: Bari/Tenor

Garret Rempel: Keys

Patrick Barrios: Drums

Reckless Saints

Loud, roarin’, heart pounding rock anthems will have you pumping your fists in the air. With their hard-hitting bass and drums, epic guitar solos, and powerful harmonies, Reckless Saints will have you on the dance floor belting out the tunes along with the band.

Louder, prouder, the Saints bring the glory of arena rock to the Techapalooza stage.

Band Members

Lisa Cupples: Vocals

Vergil Kanne: Guitar

Dan Christle: Bass

Debbie Young: Vocals & Keys

John Visser: Guitar

Dean Lachlun: Drums

Track Overflow

There are just too many songs and too little time. Track overflow brings you a subset of great classic rock songs that threaten to overflow the time allocated (due to the loud and long applause between songs of course).

The band is going to break your heart as the set is only 25 minutes long.

Band Members

Kyle Joyal: Vocals

Hector Luna: Guitar

Al Gortemaker: Keys

Jesse Favelle: Drums

Gerry Behringer: Vocals & Guitar

Ryan Dahl: Guitar

Brian Yeo: Bass

Rock Remedy

The band has been brought together as a tribute to our COVID-19 frontline workers. No one knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, in those scrubs, providing the care and Good Lovin’.

The set will have you Wanting a New Drug to treat a Bad Case of Loving You. So, line up for your shot of Rock Remedy, get on the dance floor.

Band Members

John Loiselle: Lead Vocals & Keys

Bayne Robertson: Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Al Gortemaker: Keys

Jesse Favelle: Drums

Bob Millar: Guitar, Vocals & Keys

Darren McFee: Bass & Vocals

Kelly Ledingham: Drums

Bill & Dave Lost in Silicon Valley

Bill and Dave visit The HP Garage, birthplace of the band; They were marooned there by COVID-19 and in the meanwhile really got into the California music scene. Dave stayed behind to find himself in Laurel Canyon. Bill came back and recruited Bill Jr. to help the band carry on.

The band is covering the California music scene from Surf to Country and Classic Rock, with a bit of 90’s Alt Rock thrown in for good measure.

Not limited to just one style of dress and given their wide California influences, the band members are all Going Their Own Way, representing some of the classic California looks, 60’s surf and psychedelic, 70’s country type long-hairs, 90’s whatever that was.

Band Members

Thom Wolstencroft: Vocals & Percussion

Napoleon Sansregret: Guitar

Gary Brenner: Keys

Hal Ryckman: Drums

Teagan Wolstencroft: Vocals & Guitar

Larry Kuzmack: Guitar & Vocals

Brad Enns: Bass & Vocals

Past Band Line-ups