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Band Application Form

Call for bands

What is the name of your band? (eg. Red Hot Motherboards)
Describe in detail the band’s theme and how this will enhance the entertainment value of the event. Include information on the style of music, costuming and staging.

Do you agree to the rules of engagement?
Techapalooza band rules:
1. There are a limited number of bands selected for the event
2. Band members must work in the Information Technology (I.T.) sector such as the I.T. department of a corporation or government organization, or the I.T. vendor community, or I.T. education.
3. Bands can be comprised of members from different organizations. They do not have to work at the same organization.
4. Each band is allowed two (2) “ringers” from outside the I.T. sector.
5. Bands need to apply to participate. Bands will be selected by the Techapalooza selection committee.
6. Bands are strongly encouraged to adopt a distinct musical theme or genre and a fun name that is a play on I.T. terminology.
7. Bands are limited to a 25 minute set.
8. Every band member is expected to register to raise personal donations on the “Groupie” fundraising site provided by Cancer Care MB Foundation.
9. Each band agrees to buy 45 tickets to resell to its fans.

By choosing Yes you agree to the above rules of engagement.