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Great West Life Top Secret Rosies

Top Secret Rosies

Get your wild-child spy-child shoes on to dance to soundtracks of James Bond, Mission Impossible, and Austin Powers. These musicians, by day are Great West Life IT professionals, were inspired by the Top Secret Rosies. The Rosies were a group of women from WWII who were a human computer and went on to program the first computer. Enjoy the trio of fantastic female singers leading the band, dressed in sultry red dresses (à la Jessica Rabbit!). The music will take the audience on an audio experience that brings back memories from their favorite spy movies and The Second British Invasion. The eclectic collection of music will focus on the songs from female artists that enhance the movie soundtracks and films. 

At Techapalooza 2018, this band won the Judges Choice award!

Techapalooza 2019 was held Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Hotel Fort Garry Ballroom, raising $115,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba.