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Techapalooza 2018



In what seems to be an ever-increasingly crazy world, we want to bring you back to a more innocent time before the Internet, smartphones, texting, and constant connectivity. A time when you had to agree on a place to meet before you went there, when your phone and TV had dials – and you were the family’s remote control. The TOGAF model is well suited for general integration into the festivities because the TOGAF party architecture relies heavily on already-proven party techniques, including total inclusion, happiness generation, libations, dance, love, and cheer. This 11-piece band and their full horn section will have you twistin’ the night away, boppin’ in your baby doll dresses and skinny ties.

If you want to be a true TOGAF PARTY fan, show us your togas!

Techapalooza 2018 was held Friday, February 23th, 2018 at the Hotel Fort Garry Ballroom, raising $98,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba.