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Techapalooza 2018



Named after Mr. Sky, their gym teacher with a knack for programming his Sinclair X81, the band Skynerd was born after all the members dropped out of gym class to pursue their true love: computers. Initially, the band jammed out tunes for days in the basement of a war-time bungalow on Bannatyne Avenue. Gigs for a technology-minded Southern Manitoba Rock band were few and far between by the synth-laden power pop days of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The members took gigs wherever they could, but the passion was fading and the members were dispersing to various projects. Then, after a terrible computer crash that reunited the group of like-minded musicians for a cause, Skynerd was reformed and will be performing a set of Classic Southern Rock to fight Cancer at Techapalooza 2018!

Techapalooza 2018 was held Friday, February 23th, 2018 at the Hotel Fort Garry Ballroom, raising $98,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba.