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Bold Shiny Tunes

Dance to the crowd-pleasing one-hit wonders from the 90’s alt-rock scene! These songs are familiar, danceable, singable with an undefinable nostalgic quality. Canadian music video network Much Music was able to catalogue some of the top hits each year with their perennial best-selling compilation albums “Big Shiny Tunes” …..Musicians from the BOLD Commerce product development team wrapped their theme around this! This band capitalizes on the momentum of the grunge rock scene from the earlier part of the decade. Spinning off this and heavily influenced by pop and hip-hop, they bring a more radio friendly appeal to the rock genre. 

You’re gonna love the Techapalooza debut of this band!

Bold Shiny Tunes

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Techapalooza 2019 was held Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Hotel Fort Garry Ballroom, raising $115,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba.