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Bill & Dave’s One Bit Wonders

Bill & Dave's One-Bit Wonders

After Bill and Dave’s 3rd consecutive Fan Favourite win at Techapalooza 2019 many fans asked: Whatever happened to Dave? He was such a big hit! This got the band got to wondering about not only Dave but “What about all those bands that had big hits and just disappeared, like Dave? Bands with Binary careers; a #1, then 0. So the boys got to thinking; What if we did a set of great songs from bands that went from Number One to Zero? “Bill and Dave’s One Bit Wonders” was born in that moment. Bands and artists that had a huge hit and then…they were gone.

Bill and Dave’s will entertain the audience while answering the question “Whatever Happened to….?”

Bill & Dave’s One Bit Wonders

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Techapalooza 2020 was held Saturday, February 22, 2020 at Club Regent Event Centre, raising $101,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba.