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Techapalooza 2022 Archive

Bill & Dave Lost in Silicon Valley

Bill & Dave Lost in Silicon Valley

Bill and Dave visit The HP Garage, birthplace of the band; They were marooned there by COVID-19 and in the meanwhile really got into the California music scene. Dave stayed behind to find himself in Laurel Canyon. Bill came back and recruited Bill Jr. to help the band carry on.

The band is covering the California music scene from Surf to Country and Classic Rock, with a bit of 90’s Alt Rock thrown in for good measure.

Not limited to just one style of dress and given their wide California influences, the band members are all Going Their Own Way, representing some of the classic California looks, 60’s surf and psychedelic, 70’s country type long-hairs, 90’s whatever that was.

Techapalooza 2022 was held Saturday, September 10, 2022 at the Club Regent Events Center, raising $64,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba.