What is Techapalooza?

Techapalooza is a concert event that brings together 7 bands comprised of talented musicians who work in the I.T. sector. Due to COVID-19, this year we are going virtual. Using the recordings from 2020 we have compiled the best of the performances and will allow virtual attendees to vote for the best of the best.

When did this all start?

Techapalooza was first held in 2012, in front of a sold-out crowd of 300, and raised $25,000 for CCMF. Fast forward to February 22, 2020 – which was our 9th annual event and was held at the beautiful Club Regent Event Centre. The crowd enjoyed 7 band performances, and thanks to our I.T. sponsors and ‘groupie’ fundraising, we raised a record breaking $100,000 for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. This brings our nine year total to over $690,000 – 100% of it will stay right here, in Manitoba. Thank you!!

How does this work?

In past years we have selected bands to participate in the event:

Maximum of 7 bands

Band members must work in the Information Technology sector; I.T. department of a corporation or government organization, I.T. vendor community, I.T. education, or, belong to an IT association (e.g. ICTAM, CIPS, PMI etc.)

Bands can be comprised of members from different organizations

They do not have to work at the same organization

Each band is allowed 2 “ringers” from outside the I.T. sector

Bands need to apply to participate. (Band and Individual Entries for 2021 is now closed)

Bands will be selected by the Techapalooza selection panel led by the musical director

Bands are strongly encouraged to adopt a distinct musical theme or genre and a fun name that is a play on I.T. terminology

Bands are limited to a 25 minute set

All band members are volunteers, working hard to entertain and raise funds for CancerCare

They receive no remuneration for their performance

Techapalooza 2021 will take the best videos from the seven bands in Techapalooza 2020 to set up a battle for your support, and to be crowned FUNDRAISING CHAMPION 2021.

Each week bands will battle for donations in a March Madness style tournament. Watch each band’s video on the techapalooza.ca website and donate to your favourite to help that band advance to the next round. Advancement is based on the amount donated during that week only.

Where do the funds raised go?

100% of the net proceeds for this event go to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, where all funds stay in Manitoba to support cancer research, education and patient support programs.

How do I become a sponsor?

Complete sponsorship registration form available at techapalooza.ca/sponsors and email it to: Michael.Aldor@techapalooza.ca

Sponsorships for 2021 are now closed – if you are interested in donating, please refer to techapalooza.ca/donate.

How can I donate? Become a Groupie!

One of the key components to our fundraising is the donations made by family, friends, and co-workers to CancerCare directly through our “Groupie” website. In past years we have raised $20,000 to $46,000 dollars from personal donations to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

Facilitated by CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, each individual or band member has a donation page to raise money for this worthy cause. Each donation page can have its own graphics and content to encourage people to donate. Each donor group sets their fundraising goals according to what they can realistically attain and we celebrate together.

This year we will be awarding the Fundraising Champion trophy to the band that receives the most votes measured by having raised the most in Groupie Donations in the tournament week. Help your favourite band win this prized trophy!

How do I get more information about the event?

Please visit techapalooza.ca for more information about the event or send your questions to info@techapalooza.ca.

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Who are the Techapalooza volunteers?

Michael Aldor: Technology and Sponsor Success Team Lead, MNP
Dan Boey: Videography Lead, Bold Commerce
Randy Dutka: Creative/Branding, Scootaround Inc.
Janice Handford: Logistics and Fundraising Co-Chair, AJ/M Consulting
Marissa LeSire: Treasurer, MNP
Sana Mahboob: Social Media and Marketing, Western Economic Diversification Canada
Ian McLeod: Sponsor Success Team, Pinnacle
Dana Neal: Nominating Sub-committee, Recruiter, NTT Data Services
Lindsay Sinclair: Logistics and Fundraising Co-Chair, Pinnacle
Carl Strempler: Chair and Musical Director, Solvera Solutions
Rob Weins: Sponsor Success Team and and Marketing, Vmware

How do I become a volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer please contact us at info@techapalooza.ca

How are expenses covered?

Expenses are covered from proceeds of ticket sales, donations of value in kind and auxiliary fundraising methods. After expenses are covered, excess funds go to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation except for a small operating float that is retained by the Techapalooza organizing committee.

Operating funds are held in a not-for-profit account with the Belgian-Alliance Credit Union, Portage Avenue Branch.