August 31, 2021

2022 Band Entry Form

Please fill out this form for your band application to perform at Techapalooza 2022!

Submission Information

  • Band Manager Contact

  • As your band’s contact for fundraising and marketing activities, responsibilities include:

    · Coordinating band milestones, including defining theme, costumes, set lists, band application, logo development
    · Coordinating and being key contact for event ticket sales for your bands
    · Coordinating band member registration on the CCMF fundraising site for “Groupie Donations”, and encouraging use of available fundraising tools for bands
    · Coordinating logo development with our Techapalooza graphic designers
    · Encouraging an active band presence within social media. Suggestions include:
       - Story of the ‘band journey’ of preparing for Techapalooza,
       - Band member reasons for participating in the event
       - Any other interesting developments that unfold as the band prepares for the event
    · Encouraging band attendance at our Band Razamatazz for a welcome and orientation evening in November that includes photoshoots, pizza and beverages
    · Working with the workplace corporate promoter and arrange for corporate matching funds if available or coordinating a corporate event to promote Techapalooza
    · Working with the Committee’s Band Manager Coordinator including attending regular meetings
    · Attend regular Band Manager meetings to report on progress

    The Band Manager can be a non-playing member of your band, the band leader or one of the band members
  • Primary Band Contact

  • Additional Band Members

    Additional Member 1

  • Additional Member 2

  • Additional Member 3

  • Additional Member 4

  • Additional Member 5

  • Additional Member 6

  • Additional Member 7

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  • Additional Member 9

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