November 26, 2019

2020/21 Band Line-Up

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The Layovers

No trip is complete without the perfect playlist. The Layovers are here to be your trip soundtrack, by plane, train, or automobile. We're a feel good band that will have your head boppin' and your feet tappin' all the way to your dream destination. And if you book your trip on we'll dedicate a song to you.

JL Sheldon – Vocals (Priceline Partner Network)
Kieran Moolchan – Vocals (Priceline Partner Network)
Chelsea Odell – Vocals (Online Business Systems)
Mike Huhtala – Guitar (Priceline Partner Network)
Jay Sheldon – Guitar (Manitoba Harvest)
Stephen Taylor – Bass (Priceline Partner Network)
Myles Dancho – Keyboard (Priceline Partner Network)
Dan Major – Drums (Priceline Partner Network)

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Reckless RAIDers

We are playing a set of rock versions of Motown songs. Ordinarily, we are a cover band called Reckless Saints (formerly Beyond 440), comprised of five members who have been playing together in one form or another for over 15 years. Each member is dedicated, hardworking, and good at what they do; from powerful drums and bass, to killer guitar riffs, to unforgettable vocals. Guaranteed dancing, singing and a great time had by all as the band moves through classic rock, modern pop/dance and new country! The band prides itself on a professional stage presentation.

Debbie Young – Vocals (University of Manitoba)
Lisa Cupples – Vocals (Government of Manitoba)
John Visser – Guitar (MNP)
Vergil Kanne – Guitar (Tactica Interactive)
Dan Christle – Bass (Wawanesa)
Dean Lachlun – Drums (IQMetrix)

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Canada Life's Mad About This Life

Focus on Madonna's music through the decades. Madonna has been extremely influential and has an extensive catalogue of hits that are familiar and will get people on the dance floor! The band will bring the glamour that Madonna is known for.

Annastasia Lambert – Vocals (Great-West Life/Canada Life)
Stacey Suderman – Vocals (Great-West Life/Canada Life)
Keith Lalman – Guitar, Keyboard (Great-West Life/Canada Life)
Kevin Tillman – Guitar (Credit Union/Self employed)
Chad Muir – Bass (Great-West Life/Canada Life)
Trent Simpson – Drums (Self Employed)

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What do leather, the color red, and headbands have in common? If a certain legendary Canadian Rock band comes to mind, you're on the right track! Take all those, add in a dash of IT industry experience, and the result is our band Loverbot! We're going to take you back to the glory days, where everybody was working FOR the weekend (not through it), where guitar solos were epic and plentiful, and where you are ALWAYS welcome to belt out the tunes along with us! Oh... and if you still have those red leather pants in your closet (and they STILL fit)... you now have an occasion to wear them!

Sandra Epp – Vocals (Shared Health/Digital Health)
Robert Millar – Guitar, Harmonica, Piano and Vox (Canadian Museum for Human Rights)
Darren McFee – Bass (Manitoba Blue Cross)
Chris Durston – Keyboard (IG Wealth Management)
Kevin Nebroski – Drums and other noisy things (Paradigm Consulting)

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The Big Byte Swing Orchestra

Shortly after the Roswell incident in 1948, The Big Byte Swing Orchestra was secretly assembled and contracted by the CIA and the RCAF to perform for a private audience of Aliens as part of an orientation program to Earth culture at Area 51. Tests conducted by top American, German and Soviet scientists on one of the many flying saucers in hangers nearby unintentionally created a hole in the space-time continuum directly above the stage where the band was playing propelling them mid-set from Roswell in 1948 to 2020 at Club Regent in Winnipeg.

Karin Carlson – Trombone, Vocals (Self Employed)
Don McLean – Guitar, Vocals (Retired, Federal Gov't)
Colin Kelly – Bass (Online Business Systems)
Rick Boughton – Keyboards (Retired)
Dana Oliver Neal – Trumpet, Vocals, Percussion (Sierra Systems Inc.)
Vic Arias – Trumpet (Shared Health/Digital Health)
Craig Holigroski – Trombone (MB Government)
Boris Gularyin – Tenor Sax, Vocals (City of Winnipeg)
Rick Strempler – Alto Sax (Online Business Systems)
Jeff Allston – Baritone Sax (Retired)
Murray Riddell – Clarinet (Retired)
Hal Ryckman – Drums (Solvera Solutions)

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Bill and Dave's One Bit Wonders

After Bill and Dave’s 3rd consecutive Fan Favourite win at Techapalooza 2019 many fans asked: Whatever happened to Dave? He was such a big hit! This got the band got to wondering about not only Dave but “What about all those bands that had big hits and just disappeared, like Dave? Bands with Binary careers; a #1, then 0. So the boys got to thinking; What if we did a set of great songs from bands that went from Number One to Zero? “Bill and Dave’s One Bit Wonders” was born in that moment. Bands and artists that had a huge hit and then…they were gone. Bill and Dave’s will entertain the audience while answering the question “Whatever Happened to….?”

Thomas Wolstencroft – Vocals, Percussion (Compugen)
Neil Sinnott – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica (Epic Technology Solutions)
Napoleon Sansregret – Guitar (HP Inc.)
Erik Sinnott – Guitars (Self Employed)
Brad Enns – Bass, Vocals (Compugen)
Tom Sinnott – Drums (Self Employed)

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Basket Case-Sensitive

While grunge music was dominating mainstream rock radio of the early 90's, Green Day emerged as a true alternative. For the past 25 years they've been releasing a steady stream of upbeat, energetic, radio-friendly hits that any mega fan or casual listener will know the words to sing along. The Bold iteration of Green Day will match perfectly the energy of the music and pure entertainment.

Steve Nelson – Vocals (Beer Boutique)
Dennis Mott – Guitar, Vocals (Bold Commerce)
Charles Peralta – Guitar (Bold Commerce)
Mitch Hamm – Bass (Bold Commerce)
Scott Riddell – Drums (Bold Commerce)