December 7, 2017

2018 Band Line-Up


In what seems to be an ever-increasingly crazy world, we want to bring you back to a more innocent time before the Internet, smartphones, texting, and constant connectivity. A time when you had to agree on a place to meet before you went there, when your phone and TV had dials - and you were the family's remote control. The TOGAF model is well suited for general integration into the festivities because the TOGAF party architecture relies heavily on already-proven party techniques, including total inclusion, happiness generation, libations, dance, love, and cheer. This 11-piece band and their full horn section will have you twistin' the night away, boppin' in your baby doll dresses and skinny ties. If you want to be a true TOGAF PARTY fan, show us your togas!

Sandra Epp – Vocals (Online Business Systems)
Karin Carlson – Trombone, Keys, Vocals (Online Business Systems)
Boris Gulyarin – Tenor Sax, Vocals (SkipTheDishes)
Don McLean – Guitar (Retired IT-Gov't of MB)
Matt Meeboer – Guitar (Sierra Systems)
Colin Kelly – Bass (Online Business Systems)
Dana Neal – Trumpet (Sierra Systems)
Victor Arias – Trumpet (eHealth)
Craig Holigroski – Trombone (Health Canada)
Rick Strempler – Saxophone (Online Business Systems)
Dan Major – Drums (Funding Change)

Bill and Dave's Hard Drive

Bill and Dave are back! This year’s set list will deliver a high energy set of songs about the iconic pastimes of cars and driving. We will fit the different eras of popular music's tributes from pickups to Cadillacs, from 50’s oldies to the rockin’ 90's. And yes, you will recognize every one of them! We promise to ‘tune you up’ and ‘get you moving down the highway’! Come lube your joints and find your spark plugs on the Techapalooza dance floor!

Thom Wolstencroft – Vocals, Percussion (Compugen)
Neil Sinnott – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar (TTC)
Napoleon Sansregret – Guitar (HP Inc.)
Erik Sinnott – Guitar (Ringer)
Brad Enns – Bass, Vocals (Compugen)
Scott Riddell – Drums (Bold Commerce)

Great-West Life Annie Linux

When the Great-West Life and Investors Group team got together and brainstormed band themes this year, they thought of the power house rock diva, and combined it with Tux the penguin icon! This band will fill the air and your ears from the lowest pitches to the highest tones by rocking it to Annie Lennox tunes!

Yvonne Burman – Vocals (Great-West Life)
Annastasia Lambert – Vocals (Great-West Life-Health Care Services)
Stacey Suderman – Backing Vocals (Great-West Life)
Keith Lalman – Guitar (Great-West Life)
Brent Thompson – Guitar (Great-West Life)
Chad Muir – Bass (Great-West Life)
Chris Durston – Keys (Investors Group)
Blair Burns – Cello (Great-West Life)
Colin Ramsay – Drums (IA)


Named after Mr. Sky, their gym teacher with a knack for programming his Sinclair X81, the band Skynerd was born after all the members dropped out of gym class to pursue their true love: computers. Initially, the band jammed out tunes for days in the basement of a war-time bungalow on Bannatyne Avenue. Gigs for a technology-minded Southern Manitoba Rock band were few and far between by the synth-laden power pop days of the late 80's and early 90's. The members took gigs wherever they could, but the passion was fading and the members were dispersing to various projects. Then, after a terrible computer crash that reunited the group of like-minded musicians for a cause, Skynerd was reformed and will be performing a set of Classic Southern Rock to fight Cancer at Techapalooza 2018!

Rick Davie – Vocals (Manitoba eHealth)
Kerry Hannah – Bass, Vocals (Retired IT-Great-West Life)
Carl Strempler – Guitar (Solvera)
Michael Dyck – Guitar (Online Business Systems)
Gary Brenner – Keys (Ringer)
Hal Ryckman – Drums (Solvera)