December 21, 2016

2017 Band Line-Up


Goodbye, 2016 and hello 2017. We are welcoming the next trip around the sun. Pop, funk, and rock, old and new. We’re the only band with a legit horn section, percussion, and we’re going to make you happy and dance. We won Fan Favorite last year, come early. This year is going to be a show.

Sandra Epp – Vocals (Online Business Systems)
Karin Carlson – Keys, Vocals (Online Business Systems)
Don McLean – Guitar, Vocals (Government of Manitoba)
Colin Kelly – Bass (Online Business Systems)
Dana Neal – Trumpet, Vocals (Velvet Revolution Productions)
Vic Arias – Trumpet (Manitoba eHealth)
Boris Gulyarin – Tenor Sax, Vocals (Investors Group)
Craig Holigroski – Trombone, Confetti Coordinator (Waterfire Consulting)
Dan Major – Drums (Funding Change)
Patrick Barrios-Blair – Percussion, Drums, Vocals (Ringer)

How I Met Your Motherboard

Dust off your RCA and click your rotary VHF dial to the hottest in pure Technicolor tunes. It's alright if you can't afford a color set, songs from your favourite B&W shows will also be featured. Don't bother getting up to change the channel, we've got you covered as the hit theme songs come fast and furious. How I Met Your Motherboard is a band that pays tribute to those ear-worm songs of your favourite shows of the 60's, 70's, 80's... right to today. Every generation will hear something they know. Audience be warned: there will quiz - guess the names of each of the shows – and you can win a prize!

Derek Steele – Vocals (MB Hydro)
Carl Strempler – Guitar (Solvera)
Nicholas Au – Guitar (DMT)
Joshua Bertin – Acoustic Guitar (DMT)
Steven Nelson – Bass (DMT)
Dorian Khan – Saxophone, Vocals (DMT)
Kim Chau – Flute, Vocals (DMT)
Gary Brenner – Keys (Ringer)
Greg Boettcher – Drums (HPE)


When asked about their inspiration the Hexadecibels replied, “It’s as if you took the psychedelic sounds of the 70’s, added 2 cups of beer, a shot, put it in a blender then sprinkled it with sweet sounds”. That’s Hexadecibels.” Witness the performance of this inspiring group coming together to demonstrate that programmers really do know how to rock. Their uniquely driven style will have you on your feet much faster than you can say Hexidecibels. To quote the Matrix, “Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, ‘cause Kansas is going bye-bye!”

Trish Rempel – Vocals, Percussion (IQMetrix)
Kyle Joyal – Vocals, Percussion (IQMetrix)
Eric Santiago – Guitar, Vocals (Cire Film/Sound)
Hector Luna – Guitar (IQMetrix)
Dominique Kraun – Bass, Vocals (Ringer)
Karrie Didyk Zarecki – Piano, Keys, Vocals (Ringer)
Rick Margerison – Drums, Percussion (IQMetrix)

Bill and Dave McKenzie's Band

On a cool summer evening as they sat on their favorite lawn chairs, Bill and Dave McKenzie wondered "wouldn't it be awesome if you could hear all the great old summer tunes by our favorite Canadian bands, but from ONE BAND all at once?" "And not just the stuff they play to death on classic rock stations; the cool tunes...and songs about beers, and crappy jobs, and pretty girls, that made cruising to Juniors, and swimming in the pits and waking up in a field surrounded by empties so awesome...we should put a band together man....” So Bill and Dave McKenzie's Band was born: guys who wear toques drink Canadian, and can rock a Canuck tune like nobody else!

Thomas Wolstencroft – Vocals, Percussion (Compugen)
Neil Sinnott – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar (TTC)
Napoleon Sansregret – Guitar (HP Inc.)
Craig Kurbis – Guitar (Retired IT Sector Worker)
Brad Enns – Bass, Vocals (Compugen)
Hal Ryckman – Drums (Solvera)

Great-West Life Google Dolls 2.0

Reunited once again with some new band members are the Great-West Life Google Dolls 2.0. They are looking forward to rocking the night away to Mick Jagger, Phil Collins and others! Be ready to do the locomotion with this fun-loving group of musicians.

Nancy McCuaig – Vocals (Investors Group)
Adam Hanson – Backup Vocals (Great-West Life)
Keith Lalman – Guitar (Great-West Life)
Brent Thompson – Guitar (Great-West Life)
Glenn Antonio – Bass (Great-West Life)
Chris Durston – Keys (Investors Group)
Blair Burns – Cello (Great-West Life)
Colin Ramsey – Drums (Ion Financial)