TH!NK P!NK: 2016 Performance

Full performance of the 3rd band at Techapalooza 2016

Experience the sonic sensation of two shades of “Pink” that continue to inspire generations of music lovers. Ranging from moody and atmospheric to rowdy and raunchy, TH!NK P!NK takes you on a journey from the Dark Side, over The Wall, and to an ending where you will Raise Your Glass after enjoying a set of music that is decidedly coloured P!NK Rock out in support of CancerCare Manitoba and get your Pink on!

TH!NK P!NK is:
Melissa Kovacs-Toews – vocals
Bridget Peterson – vocals
Phil Colton – guitar/vocals
Greg Boettcher – drums
John Loiselle – guitar/vocals
Brad Griffiths – keyboards
Dan Christle – bass

Other credits:
– Live audio recording: Randy Braun
– Live Audio production: stage, lights and technicians provided by Audio Works Productions –
– Audio Mixing and Mastering: Adam Halstrom –
– Video Editing and final rendering: Ivan Hughes –
– Techapalooza Production Manager – Greg Boettcher

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