August 20, 2016

2015 Band Line-Up

Bill and Davey-O’s Rockabilly Boys

Rave on with the early Rockabilly artists who gave birth to Rock and Roll;  Enjoy mid-50’s to early 60’s artists as Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochrane.  We’ll include contemporary favorites that these seminal artists influenced, from bands such as The Beatles and Queen. Our fabulous six musicians, with ‘neat’ costumes and bodacious sound, guarantees their performance will be energetic and authentic. Transport back to the classics, and dance the night away to upbeat great tunes.

Brad Enns – Bass and Vocals (Compugen)
Napoleon Sansregret – Guitar (HP)
Erik Sinnott - Guitar (Ringer)
Neil Sinnott – Guitar and Vocals (Compugen)
Tom Wolstencroft - Vocals (Compugen)
Tom Sinnott - Drums (Ringer)

Riddim DataBass

We’re a Reggae band, mon. The bass and drum riddim is the nitty gritty of the music. It tickles your feet and massages the heart in your chest. Riddim dataBass has those grooves stored up and ready to jump up. This is dancing music, so we will get everyone groovin’ to some warm island vibes and some frenetic dance-on-your-neck  Ska.

Jeff Diamond – Guitar and Vocals (TR Labs)
Jim Stoeber – Guitar, Synth and Vocals (MTS)
Ron Torpey – Drums and Vocals (Ringer)
Rick McGee – Bass (Ringer)


Remember the days when Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister, Ronald Reagan was President, MTV first aired and actually played music, CDs replaced vinyl, men had bigger hair than the women, and Acid Washed jeans were “cool”?ANTIDOTE does...and we’re rockin’ you back to those times!!

ANTIDOTE was formed to represent Manitoba eHealth at Techapalooza 2015. Performing songs by Joan Jett, Blondie, Poison, and Def Leppard, ANTIDOTE will keep you on the dance floor with the biggest hits.

Experience ANTIDOTE “The Rock N’ Roll’ Cure live at Techapalooza.

Sandra Epp – Lead Vocals (Online Business Systems)
Chris Ising – Bass and Vocals (Manitoba eHealth)
Steve Mastrangelo – Lead Guitar and Vocals (Manitoba eHealth)
Kevin Nebroski – Drums (Manitoba eHealth)
Bayne Robertson – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals (PCGI)

Techs On Instruments

That little I.T. Band from Texas is back. #SharpDressed to the 9’s with their gold teeth displayed. These #TresHombres emerged with one foot in the blues and the other in the Red River gumbo. They plan to #Eliminator their competition, taking them out at the #Legs and knocking them on their #Tush.

Karl Rahnefeld – Bass and Vocals (Ringer)
Hal Ryckman – Drums (Solvera Solutions)
Carl Strempler – Guitar (Price Industries)

Online Sound Machine

Emerging from frigid Winnipeg winters is Online Sound Machine — a 12-piece Latin-infused dance band playing warm, sunny music — an island oasis of vitamin D for your ears. The full horn section compliments a core group of rhythm including timbales, congas and other Latin percussion, keys, and guitars. Inspired by Latin and Latin-inspired pop and rock groups including the Buena Vista Social Club, Miami Sound Machine, and Santana, their Latin sound will transport you to sun-drenched, white sand beaches, margaritas, and conga lines. In the words of Gloria Estevan, “Don’t you worry that you can’t dance, let the music move your feet!” Techapalooza hasn’t seen anything quite like this before. Bailar con nosotros!

Victor Arias – Trumpet (Manitoba eHealth)
Patrick Barrios – Timbales & Congas (Ringer)
Garry Brenner – Keys and Synth (Ringer)
Karin Carlson - Vocals, t-bone, keys, composer and arranger (Broadview Networks)
Michael Dyck – Guitar and Vocals (HP)
Boris Gulyarin – Tenor Sax and vocals (Mark Force Information)
Craig Holigroski – Trombone (Waterfire Consulting)
Dan Major – Drums (Online Business Systems)
Dana Neal – Trumpet and Percussion (Online Business Systems)
Slava Pustilnikov Bass (Online Business Systems)
Rick Strempler – Sax (Online Business Systems